News Weatherbys E-Passport Vaccination App

Weatherbys E-Passport Vaccination App


Weatherbys Vaccination App enables the digital capture of vaccination records for registered Thoroughbreds and is part of a far wider Weatherbys E-Passport project which will be rolled out over the coming 18 months.

传奇sf合区The Vaccination App is being deployed in advance of other elements of the E-Passport as its functionality will bring improved efficiency and safety for those working with passports/passport data in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

传奇sf合区In collaboration with the BHA and IHRB we have reviewed current raceday operations and can see that pre-clearing ‘flu vaccinations in passports and uploading them onto a mobile device will reduce the need for staff to be near each other/handle a potentially contaminated object. It will also prevent any raceday issues around vaccination queries.

Once you have submitted the historical vaccination record for a horse and the vaccination history has been approved by the BHA then all future and subsequent vaccinations between the pre-clearance and raceday should be uploaded directly into the Weatherbys App.

传奇sf合区The use of the Weatherbys Vaccination App will continue post Covid so the benefits of uploading and managing data now will be felt for many years to come. The App will be integrated into a fully functioning E-Passport for the 2021 foal crop and all horses in training, with enhanced functionality to include, identification, medications, equine movement and ownership.  

We anticipate that volumes will be high so the BHA will prioritise those horses intended to race on the flat in the first two weeks of a resumption of racing. The BHA will however be working their way through all historical vaccinations as quickly as possible so please submit what you have, as soon as you can. Please note that horses whose vaccinations are not received and validated in advance will not be eligible to run. 

For further information or clarification regarding the pre-clearance programme and the Vaccination App, please call +44 (0)1933 440077 and ask to speak to any of the team - Rachael Rotea, Keith Mason, Phil Lodge, Heidi Bennett or Jordan Such who will be happy to help.

Alternatively, please email